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Foundations of Nursing


Foundations of Nursing I

Prerequisite: Min 2.0 GPA; 90% attendance record; Biology I with C or
better; reading, writing, & math at 10th grade level.

Recommended: Anatomy and Physiology, Intro to Health Careers,
Chemistry, Psychology.

This one-year program is designed for students to explore a career in
Nursing and related health careers. This program includes classroom and
hands on/clinical experiences. Classroom instruction includes anatomy,
physiology, medical terminology and entry level nursing topics. Classroom
instruction also includes American Heart Associate CPR and First Aid
certification. Students will learn and practice clinical skills in a controlled
simulation lab. Students will then spend 100 hours at various long-term
care facilities perfecting their clinical skills. Students will have the
opportunities to observe other health care professionals. Students who
complete the program will have met the requirements to take the final
examination to become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA).

The student must provide his/her own transportation to the clinical sites.

A background check will be required for clinical experiences as well as a TB skin test and
physician’s statement acknowledging the student can physically handle
the required tasks to obtain the CNA. Students must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Students must have a social security
number in order to get a background screening and meet the clinical
site requirements. Uniforms will be required for clinical experiences, paid
directly by the student to the uniform company. Student contribution to
course expenses could be up to $170 (for registration, equipment, etc.).

Foundations of Nursing II

Students may elect to enroll in the course a second year to focus on
Certified Med Technician Certification. Enrollment is limited to two second year
students per section.

This course will be offered to students who have
successfully completed Foundations of Nursing I, passed the Missouri
Certified Nurse Assistant test and have met the criteria for returning.
Criteria includes: 95% attendance at HCC (with no unexcused absences),
cumulative grade of 90% or higher at HCC, successful completion of the
TABE test, and instructor recommendation. The student will need a current
TB skin test on file. The Family Care Registry obtained in the previous year
will be accepted.

During the first semester, the student will accompany first year students
to clinical. The student will serve as a mentor and will learn and practice
leadership and communications skills. Classroom topics include Medication
Math, infectious disease, leadership styles, communication skills, and
introduction of pharmacology. Second semester, the student will administer
medication at clinical.

Students will take the certification test after graduation.