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Culinary Arts


Culinary Arts

Prerequisite: Min. 2.0 GPA; 90% attendance record; reading, writing, and math at 10th grade level; Algebra I with C grade or better. Applicants must successfully complete Year-One ProStart Curriculum if it is available at their high school or the equivalent food preparation curriculum. Applicants from high schools without ProStart curriculum available must complete an advanced foods and nutrition course with a min. B grade.

Recommended: Foods and Nutrition, Health, and Business courses. Ever wanted to become a chef? Ever wanted to work anywhere in the world? Ever watched a cooking show and said I can do better? The ideal student must have a solid foundation in introduction food classes. The classes can be but not limited to baking and food science, nutrition classes, culinary prep, and international foods classes. These are the classes that will help the future chef transition into the capstone classes at the Herndon Career Center. The capstone classes offered The Herndon Career Center are under the umbrella of the National Restaurant Association called ProStart. ProStart is a two-year hospitality program that will develop the aspiring young leader in Restaurant skills that will lead them into college and career readiness. ProStart offers a block of time that will teach students the foundation of the restaurant industry where they will apply advanced cooking methods while learning both front of the house restaurant standards and back of the house operations. The successful ProStart student will graduate with two national certifications. One being in safety and sanitation and the other is a Certificate of Achievement. Both tie in with many post-secondary culinary institutions know as articulation agreements, such as Johnson County Community College, Johnson and Wales, and Sullivan University. The ideal candidate will need to meet a criterion of 90% attendance, 2.0 GPA, be on track with all credits to graduate high school.

Expectations: Students will order a uniform to be worn during class. Students may occasionally be required to work after regular school hours in order to participate in catered events and FCCLA/ProStart activities. Student fees will be approximately $130 to include a consumable materials charge, ServSafe Certification, and uniform fee.

College Credit: Successful students are eligible to earn up to 7 hours of credit in the Johnson County Community College Culinary Arts Program, up to 12 credit hours from the Arts Institute, 9 hours from Le Cordon Bleu and their affiliated colleges, 7 hours from Johnson and Wales.

2nd Year Culinary Arts Special Topics: Students must meet the 90% minimum attendance rate and B average in order to return for the 2nd year of curriculum.