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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health as a program would be designed to support students interested in working as a
community health advocate particularly those students interested in pursuing careers in the behavioral
health field. Entry level fields could include roles such as a direct service professional, behavioral health
technician, or registered behavior technician. This course would also prepare students to enter a post-
secondary institution to pursue certification as a community health advocate (certification program).
More broadly, this program will assist students in pursuing a career in the behavioral health sciences in
studying psychology or sociology with the following potential career outcomes: community support
specialist, board certified behavior analyst, licensed professional counselor, social worker, psychiatrist,
etc. Below would be a list of general topics and broad learning objectives to facilitate student
development and career awareness in the field of behavioral health sciences.


CTSO: Students enrolled in Behavioral Health would participate in Future Health Professionals (HOSA). In
2021-2022, recognizing the increased demand for behavioral health occupations, HOSA added a
Behavioral Health competition which focuses on the Discovering Psychology: The Science of the Mind
(4th ed.). Students would also be able to participate in leadership and teamwork categories. This
recommended book could also potentially be used for the general psychology educational component,
and potentially for dual or articulated credit.